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TLG supply and demand Letter

This letter provides a monthly forecast for a client-specified instrument. Generally, within a month there are 5 to 6 turns. With the forecasted dates, the actual highs and lows may come for a day before or after the forecasted date. And this is totally natural. We refer to it as an orb. The service will cost $400 per instrument per month. The service receiver will also obtain some advice based on market movement, which will be extremely valuable to him/her. As far as we are all concerned, no one in this world can accurately forecast the market. Even Mr. Gann himself couldn’t make 100% accurate forecasts. Certain miscarriages will occur, which we refer to as an “inversion. “As a result, in the situation of an inversion, the service holder will be informed to avoid the trade loss. However, we can ensure our clients of greater than 90% accuracy.

The TLG supply and demand letter service is only valid for the month specified. The dates are no longer valid at the end of the month.

 We also have a video explaining all the details. Have a look:

Watch The Guidelines

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  • For which markets can I take the service?

    We can forecast any market on earth. Come with what you want.

  • Do you offer trials?

    No. There are no trials available here. The service is for professional traders only.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Sorry to say that but there are no option to get any refund. Once you make the payment you will get the service. Now it’s totally up to you what you want to do with that.

  • Can I have the forecast of a specific market as per my demand?

    Yes, you can have any market forecast as per your demand.

  • Will you share the important price levels for the market?

    Price is off the table. Though we might give some hint. On the TLG supply and demand letter.

  • Is there the option of automatic recurring billing?

    We are already working on this issue. We will add that feature very soon.

  • How do I point the signals?

    The instructions will be sent with your TLG supply and demand letter.

  • Are these trading signals?

    No these are not trading signals, these are market forecasts. You will be given the dates and polarities of major market turns.

  • Is there any proof of your accuracy?

    Yes, visit our YouTube channel we have forecasted a lot of instruments. There is plenty of proof.

  • Will you teach me how to forecast?

    Sure. Currently we are offering a mentorship programme. It’s also listed in our website portal. You can visit our websites mentorship portal and find out the details there.