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Tunnel Thru The Air or Looking back from 1940

Market forecaster William Delbert Gann wrote the science fiction novel The Tunnel Thru the Air, Or, Looking Back in 1940 in 1927. Gann hinted in the Foreword that this book is more than a novel since it “contains an important secret clothed in veiled language. Some will notice it the first time they read it, others will notice it the second time they read it, but the majority will notice the hidden secret the third time they read it.” Some traders believe Gann has encoded others financial astrological techniques in this book, and some even claim to have spent a lifetime studying it.

Tunnel Thru The Air

Tunnel Thru The Air by wd gann

Master commodities course by WD Gann

The Commodities Trading Course by W. D. Gann is a comprehensive course. This course will teach you a variety of trading tactics and skills. Charting, chart interpretation, Gann Angles, Squaring Price and Time, Gann Squares, Square of Nine, Gann Numbers, Gann Calculators, and more are among the topics covered. This course is based on Gann’s original course, which he marketed for $5,000 in the early 1950s.

master commodities course trade like gann

Master commodities course

Master stock market course by WD Gann

This is a comprehensive course for Gann traders and investors. W. D. Gann’s Stock Trading Course can teach you a variety of trading techniques and skills, including charting, chart interpretation, finding natural resistance levels, forecasting trend changes, using Gann Angles, seasonal changes for stocks, how to decipher time cycles, the relationship between time and price, squaring price and time etc.

Master stock course trade like gann

Master stock course

Truth of the stock tape by William D. Gann

Truth of the Stock Tape was designed to assist folks who were attempting to aid themselves with stock trading and speculating. If you’re a stock or commodity trader, you’ll need a Wall Street education, and this book will provide you with more real-world, timeless market information than most current sources.

truth of the stock tape trade like gann

Truth of the stock tape

45 Years in wall street- by William D. Gann 1949

One of the last book written by legendary trader and market forecaster WD Gann. Read it over and over until it becomes second nature to you in your daily portfolio management. Many believe this book to be the best written book ever on trading.

45 years in wall street trade like gann

45 years in wall street

Speculation a Profitable Profession by WD Gann

It is a great introduction to business speculating in the stock market. It incorporates several of Gann’s most essential rules and strategies from decades of successful Wall Street trading. Numerous successful trading examples are given.

speculation a profitable proffession trade like gann

speculation a profitable proffession

Coffee letter written by William D. Gann

A letter written and signed by wd gann to mr. Spohn. WD Gann explained how he forecasted the coffee market using astrological cycles and how he converted price in zodiac degrees to determine when time squared with price.

Coffee letter trade like gann

Coffee letter

Spohn Letters by WD Gann

William Delbert Gann is one of history’s most enigmatic traders. Gann’s trading strategies are still frequently employed today, decades after he died in 1955. Here is another letter written and signed by wd gann to mr. Spohn where he shares very important knowledge and trading secrets.

Spohn letter trade like gann

spohn letters

Gold nuggets for stock and commodity traders

This is Bayer’s philosophical view of markets and the art or science of Financial Market Forecasting. His explanations focus on the origins, sources, and philosophy of his approaches and ideas, rather than trading rules.

Gold nuggets for stocks trade like gann

Gold nuggets for stocks

Egg of columbus by George Bayer

We can almost promise that unless you are familiar with George Bayer, you have never read a book like this!! It is without a doubt one of the most unique and fascinating trading books we have ever seen. Mr. Bayer takes a unique approach to evaluating the movements of the stock and commodities markets, employing.

Egg of columbus by George Bayer

Egg of columbus by George Bayer

More Important Hidden Files

Time Factors in the Stock Market by George Bayer

As one of the finest financial astrologers of all time, George Bayer is a remarkable name. His writings on planetary influences on markets are simple and to the point. In this book, you’ll learn a variety of ways to include planets into your trading strategy.

Time factors in the stock market by George Bayer trade like gann

Time factors in the stock market by George Bayer

Stock and commodity traders hand book by George Bayer

Originally published in 1935, this book is a genuine classic, combining two of the greatest “How-To” publications ever written on Financial Astrology into a single volume. Over fifty years of study, analysis, and actual application of his views in the stock and commodities markets have established Jensen as one of history’s finest astro-economic experts. Concise and direct, the tactics described in this book are now being employed by some of the most successful private traders and huge corporations.

handbook of trend determination trade like gann

Handbook of trend determination

Astro Cycles and Speculative Market by L J Jensen

George Bayer wrote in 1940. Common laws on market fluctuations are requested. Like Time Factors, it travels slowly. With forty-eight regulations for Wheat and eleven rules for Stocks. Everything has a purpose. For correct time, use with an American Ephemeris. This is the basis for our commodity forecasting rules. A rudimentary understanding of astronomy would help.

astro cycles trade like gann

Astro Cycles  by L J Jensen