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If you are here to seek the real deal only then “Congratulations”.

TLG is unique in that it is the only place where you can see the original WD Gann trading strategies.

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Deciphering Gann’s trading strategies


Unlike the bogus Gann Gurus available on the internet, we are genuine Gann traders. The task of decoding Gann’s materials has a high difficulty-to-reward ratio. Getting things decoded and working in the market takes a long time. It is, nevertheless, very worthwhile.


TLG Supply & Demand Letter


Forecast Service – This is an example of one of the services we provide. These letters include a forecast for any instrument (selected by the receiver). This service is a carbon copy of what W.D. Gann offered. The forecasts are precise and short-term (7 to 10 days between market turns).


The Monthly Program

TLG Mentorship

This is one of our more advanced services. A forecast for any instrument is included in these letters (selected by the receiver). This service is also a carbon copy of the one given by W.D. Gann himself. The projections are accurate and Mid-term (10 to 20 days between market turns).


The Tailored Program

TLG Mentorship

We also show new GANN enthusiasts the way. Mr. Gann was also known for teaching new traders on how to forecast and trade the markets. We are hard-core followers of WD GANN. Trade Like Gann is one of its kind and the only one on the planet who is teaching this system to the general public directly.

Our YouTube Library

Proofs and Demo of Our Services

The YouTube channel contains a lot of free lessons provided by Trader K. It contains a lot of proofs and demo dates. So that the seekers know that they are getting the real deal. Trader K also calls future market turn (Time & PRICE) through this media.

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To know more about Gann hidden theories please join us and be a part of our community. Enroll in our monthly subscription or Yearly subscription plan. We are waiting for serious traders only.

Happy Customers

What they say about Trade Like Gann

I was lost after 5-years of Gann self-study. Thanks to Trader K I’m not longer in limbo and my understanding has increased exponentially. Trader K teaches Gann’s true methods, in particular how to work with time cycles, which is the key to understanding Gann. The material isn’t overly complex to learn, but it does require the correct background information coupled with significant practice. It’s nearly impossible to learn this material without the guidance of a knowledgeable mentor like Trader K. His lessons are highly detailed and they fit together as you work thru them. If you have a strong desire to learn Gann and will put in the hard work, then Trader K will help you reach your goal. I highly recommend.

- Jacob


Before I met Trader K and Trade Like Gann, I was a decent trader. I was skeptical about the concept of ``GANN Time-cycles.`` I didn't think time cycles could be so precise. I was familiar with a timing system known as ``Hurst Cycle,`` which is not particularly useful in the short term. But WD Gann's real-time cycle dates are extremely accurate, I'd say above 85%. I've been utilizing The TLG Supply and Demand Letter for 5 months and can firmly declare that any general trader who understands money management and other specifics of trading can gain substantially from this service. And TLG Mentorship is an experience in and of itself. Highly recommended. You have really no idea what you are missing.

- Rajesh


I was looking for someone who knew the GANN methodology. So that I can learn from him. Because I really worked hard to find out the methods from GANN's books, courses, and other documents. After a year or so, I concluded it was not possible for me to find this out by myself. After meeting Trader K, I took the mentorship course, and I was right; it is impossible to learn the system without a mentor. I am very satisfied. As promised, I really see the markets from a different point of view. Recommended.

- Samueal


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WD Gann


If we know the cause of the effect, then there can be no doubt about predicting the future event or effect. I have always looked for causes and when once I determine a cause I can always be sure of the effect or future event which I predict
– William Delbert Gann